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Mira Laime
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• 5/23/2015

Should adjectives be marked?

Hi Ginger,

A doubt:
In Training 1 -Diseases Concept help- step 7 is indicated as correct to mark the adjective "abnormal" together with the symptom (in that case glucose level). What about other kinds of adjectives (i.e. severe, mild etc). Is it  correct to mark also those kinds of adjectives, as I do,   together (of course) with relative diseases and symptoms?


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• 5/23/2015

Hi Mario,

This is another really great question with no clear cut answer (and also why people are important in this case.)  In cases like glucose level or urination, the adjective is key for it to count as a symptom (a normal glucose level or just urinating, would not be a symptom in these examples.)

If the adjective is important for describing a specific form of the disease, it's also important to mark it, eg- familial alzheimer disease.

In the case of severity of a disease, mark it if you think it specifies a specific form of the disease, and not just a special case.  In the case of severity of a symptom, mark it if you think the severity of the symptom is helpful for distinguishing this disease from others. 

best wishes,


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