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Mira Laime
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• 5/13/2015

help about N-glicans etc.

just two questions of many.

1. When I find the word  N-glican,  should I mark it? (surely not in green because is not a protein; in pink? (as I often see) but doesn't seem a drug but an intermediate substance  in the process of glycolisation.

2. I mark in green the word  glycoprotein. Is it correct?

About the intermediate substances (not proteins) may be interesting some more help in instructions.

Grazie (=thanks)


P.S.Sorry for my english!

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• 5/13/2015

Hi mariomar_it,

Thanks for sharing your question.  I'm sure other people have the same question as you so sharing your question here helps everyone!

1. You're right that N-glycans are not proteins nor treatments, and so should not be marked in pink or green.

2. Glycoprotein can be used to refer to any protein with a sugar attached.  Since it can be used to refer to thousands of modified (non-specific) proteins (gene products), it's better to treat it like as a broad term like 'gene' or 'protein' and leave it unmarked.

P.S. You rock! 

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